Friday, April 6, 2012

chasing help running in circles

i was hoping to write regularly, and i suppose that once a week can count a regular.
it's been a stressful week, both good and bad kinds of stress. i promised myself this wouldn't be an overly whiny blog, so i will keep it brief. but i'm dealing with some difficult stuff that i have realized is just beyond me and that i need to crawl outside of my little anxiety hole and ask for help... and i keep getting these circles:
(somewhat paraphrased, but not by much)
me: hi, i need some help with this
them: we don't really do that kind of help. what kind of problem are you having with it?
me: (attempted feeble explanation despite my sadness/confusion that they just said they can't help. maybe they know someone who can?)
them: so you're doing this yourself?
me: yes
them: and no one is helping you?
me: no
them: well since no one is helping you then you must not need any help. why are you wasting our time?
(at this point i get so flustered that i just apologize, excuse myself, and hang up)

this has happened three times... i think i'm somehow approaching this wrong.

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