Wednesday, July 14, 2010

mid summer 2010

life has ended
and it has begun again
yet again

i was asked recently: has your life gone through any changes in the past three years?
it was all i could do to stop laughing. and then, how to explain the past three without the past five, six, or seven. (my god, has it been seven?
needless to say, i didn't make it up to the current time before the conversation derailed.

current time:
-no longer moving to texas, and all that would come with it.
-have found a faith and a people that i love and feel a part of for the first time. which, oddly enough, is equal parts elating and nervewracking.
-on track to finally graduate in december.
-discovered that the graduate program i want is offered in my home city, Charleston.

Friday, April 30, 2010

spring 2010

a brief accounting:
i have survived this semester fairly well. i finished everything on time for the first time in my life i think. registered for full time for summer semester... ready to get this done!
i've gone back to being a history major, but now with a business administration minor. it adds one more semester to the timeline, but i think i can live with more self respect with this degree and i think it will get me closer to where i want to be.
still working on plans to move to dallas with saeed. he'll have to move this summer, but i'll have to wait a few months, at least til the middle of the semseter, and then fly back for exams.
also trying to help mom with the big move now that they are finally selling the house and getting on with the plan to live between merritt island and the lake. i've been going through all my stuff that i've let pile up in their attic over the years, trying to consolidate.