in which i try to explain myself

i attempt to live on my own like a real adult in a tiny ('efficient') apartment in downtown charleston.  if you're ever near the college, you'll likely see me walking my little alarmist dog, talking to him like he's people, or to myself.  feel free to say hi, i'm generally a friendly person, but don't be surprised if i look at you funny for interrupting my conversation with myself.

i never know what to say in 'about me' sections, so here is a list of things i write about:
living in downtown charleston, sc
idiosyncrasies and neuroses (i have them. so do you.)
various forms of geekery and nerdity
costumes (i never grew out of playing dress up)
books and readings (my favorite escapist pastime)
my dog (a long-legged daucshund)
cancer survival (8 years remission, thank you very much)
challenges and obstacles (mental, social, real, and imagined)
long distance relationships (boyfriend in army sucks)