Tuesday, April 10, 2012

con artist

i just had a 10 year old looking kid try to con me, using his very deepest adult voice, that he was a 'college person' and needed a computer.
i've seen him in here a few times with his dad.  so i ask him, in my 'completely-taking-you-seriously' tone, if he has his id.
no, he's a new student and they haven't given him his college card yet.
i banter with him a bit and agree that if he went to card services and if they took his picture and if they gave him a student id, then yes, absolutely i would give him full access to anything he needed.
his dad comes out of the restroom and shuffles him off towards the door.  i'm pretty sure the kid is trying to convince his dad to take him by card services.
yeesh, they start young. :)  good luck to his dad, he's in for a long ride!

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