Thursday, April 26, 2012

so much for regularity - stress and blog therapy

so it's been a stressful couple of weeks
and since i promised that this wouldn't be a whiny or mopey blog, i have generally avoided it.
the short version is this: insurance sucks and i need a new job.
no, actaully, insurance is awesome, it's not having it that sucks.  and i love my job, but i need one that has benefits... which means i have to start being a real grownup again and get up for mornings.
**sadness and ultimate suffering**

in other, more amusing news...
this happened, in the library last night!

i know!  it's amazing!

also, i just finished reading "lets pretend this never happened" - the book written by the amazing, wonderful, fabulous, and epic jenny lawson, the bloggess, and it's amazing, in that way that only she can be.  i've read her blog for months now, it helps keep me sane... which could be considered ironic, but reading her blog and allie brosh at hyperbole and a half, is like getting group therapy!

so thanks ladies, for helping me get through!
(without ever even knowing it!  yes, you're that good!)

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