Saturday, March 31, 2012

bridge run, part 2 - survival

so i survived the bridge run with my sanity intact.
the preparations weren't as bad as last year. i have moved down stairs and to the back of the building and it's amazing how much difference that makes in sound proofing. even my little alarmist dog handled it better than expected. so yay for that, i actually got some sleep last night.
they were even kind enough to wait to start the music and loudspeaker commentary until 8am this morning, and with the extra sound proofing i was able to dose through that enough to make me have to hurry to get to my saturday work shift (as per usual).
i managed to wade through the meeting street crowd without too much incident. but then... i had forgotten that king street is also a blocked off part of the running track/course/whateveryoucallit. i was afraid i would have to turn around and find some way to walk to the library around the runners area, which would have had me wandering all over town. but the traffic cop at the road block said that since i was on foot i could run across. this was rather daunting since i don't run, due to a leg injury, and because there were a damn lot of people running by. i somehow managed to frogger-scampered my way across the river of marathon runners. i did have one minor collision, but no one ended up on the ground to be trampled and make a pile of domino-runners, so i call it a win.

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