Saturday, March 31, 2012

so, i would like to start writing again...

so, i would like to start writing again...
i say this about once a year, and then rarely get past the post where i say that.
or if i do, it invariably just turns into me whining, and who wants that?
so maybe i need to force myself to write happy things
maybe if i do that i'll be less whiny in general
also, i really need some way of accounting for myself, since i'm not all that responsible or 'together'
so this may not be interesting, just a daily account to keep track of myself, which will maybe make me more aware of myself and all my wasted time and bad eating habits and such
and i should force myself to write down something pretty or funny or good every day so that i will focus on a positive life attitude
and they won't be interesting or useful at first... but i really just need to get into the habit
and maybe they don't need to be long and thought provoking... maybe just a bunch of short random thoughts as they come to me

for many of the above reasons, i recommend not reading the posts prior to this one.

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